Frequently Asked Questions

Our Store:

Do you have a physical store?

Qutoof Trading Co. is a licensed store from the Ministry of commerce & Industry based in Qatar. We are Located in B Ring Road, Building 98, Floor 5, Zone 15, Street 220, Al Doha Al Jadeeda, Doha, Qatar.

When can I contact customer care and how?

We are available seven days a week, and you can contact us by calling the phone number, via WhatsApp, or by email.

Orders & Products:

How do I track my order?

This is done through the account created in our store and through your e-mail. Click the Track My Order From Top Bar. Or Mobile app go Order list.

When will I receive an order confirmation email after placing the order?

When you purchase any product from our store, You will receive confirmation of the purchase customer immediately in your e-mail, via WhatsApp, or by contacting one of our employees to confirm your purchase.

Can I request for a copy of the order invoice to my email ID?

You have all options in this regard. You can receive your bill through your email or when receiving the order.

I can cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order when the order status has not been Processing, On The Way, Completed. Only you can cancel if the Product items are Pending For Payment Or Directly Contact Us Through Our Hotline Number, WhatsApp Number.

What if I received the defective/damaged/wrong product and would like to return it?

This does not usually happen because we always care all our Supply Items subject to the laws of trade in the State of Qatar.

Are the Items is Fresh?

All our Items are checking according to the type of manufacture, and do not forget that we are a licensed store from the Ministry of commerce & Industry in Qatar. So We always take care of our Items Before Supply to the our customers.

Payment Options:

Do you have cash on delivery/Bank transfer payment options?

You can pay Cash On Delivery Method for Payment Or pay online directly through Website with your Visa/Master card.

Shipping & Delivery:

What shipping carriers do you use?

Our delivery company belongs to our store.

What is estimated time of delivery for the products?

The estimated time to receive the order if the purchase is confirmed is from 24 hours to 48 hours maximum.

What are the shipping and customs charges?

There is no fee because we are a local store within the State of Qatar. So We Charge only for Normal Delivery in Doha, Or We Take Extra Charge For Out Of Area From Doha City.

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